As far as my singing/songwriting goes, it seems to be cyclical. Sometimes I’m all fired up to write some new tunes, sometimes I want to go out and perform, sometimes I want to record and ‘produce’ and sometimes I just want to take a break so the tips of my fingers can heal. I suppose it’s not so much cyclical as it is…stochastic.

A couple of months back I had a great show(thank you to the attendees), recently I wrote another song and I think now I’m going to start recording again with my motley crew of recording equipment. I’ll probably go back and record(then eventually post here) an older song. The new song I’d like to save for a live show.

Hopefully I’ll also post a video from my last performance pretty soon.

As far as current playlists, the new Mojave 3 album “Puzzles Like You” and the new Camera Obscura album “Let’s Get Out of this Country” are stellar. I bought these albums as well as the new Keane CD all at the same time and unfortunately I’m finding the Keane CD not competing well with the other two. I don’t think it’s a bad album…it’s just not doing much for me.

I want to get the new Guillemots album as well but it’s not easy to find in Canada, especially since there’s this whole confusion about which edition to get(as chronicled on their myspace site: /guillemotsmusic)…plus it’s an import with associated import costs.