So my last blog was all lies. Didn’t get around to doing any of that. What I have been doing instead is writing and recording a lullaby for a few of my friends who have new babies(it’s for their babies, not my friends). Which was a liberating exercise because it was a simple, innocent tune for a little child who won’t be able to say “dude, that song sucks!”

Also, I recorded it in a sample-style so it’s pretty much a loop of the same musical phrase a few times over…something I’ve never tried previously but always wanted to.

So to anyone who wants to try the song out as a lullaby to help their tykes fall asleep, I’ve provided it for download…you can even sing it to your child and make the lyrics more appropriate(“daddy is next to you”, “mommy is next to you”,”sister is next to you”,”auntie is next to you” or the ever-so-progressive “your mommies are next to you”)

I have not tested the song on any kids though…for all I know it’ll keep your kid up all night and they’ll grow up maladjusted. But anything’s better than that traumatic, falling-cradle Rock-a-bye-Baby song…

Song title is “Next To You”…click it on the main page…