After long last I finally got to finishing up the song I blogged about months ago. It’s my war song. Or rather, my anti-war song. Although on second thought it’s not even really that. Just kind of a reactive song given the number of conflicts all over the globe these days. I heard a documentary once calling Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War” one of the most visceral war songs written. So that’s kinda where my head was at when I wrote it. It’s the one called ‘untitled’, cos it is. The logical title from the chorus didn’t work well as a title…I’ll keep thinking about it or you can give suggestions(no, I won’t name it ‘Wen’s crappy Dylan knock-off song’).

Otherwise, 2007 has been good so far. Have 3 new songs in the hopper, one was pretty adventurous and I hope to spring it on an unsuspecting audience at my next show, whenever that may be. Whether they laugh or gasp is something I can’t really anticipate. But it should be fun….I also look forward to performing with some new gear too!

Finally, I also threw up an old song I recorded in the 11th hour to submit for the Mix99 songwriter’s contest a few years back…not sure if I ever put it up on MySpace. Needless to say, I didn’t win the contest…although it would have been fun to hear how my tunes would fare in a set with Gwen Stefani and Fergie.