You know those interviews with musicians where they’ve changed their sound or maybe become more commercial and they’re asked: “Did you purposely change your sound to be more accessible?” and they inevitibly posture on about “the evolution of my sound” or “the next step in my music artistry” or some drivel like that? Well forget that…I’m telling you right now I specifically set out to write a rock song. A direct response to a comment that much of my songs are pretty downbeat and depressing. Not that rock songs are easy to write. They’re not. And they’re even harder to record and play and sing because you need to capture that fist-pumping swagger…which is not easy considering I’m one man and I play mostly acoustic guitar and I have a most un-rock voice.

But I gave it my best shot…I thought it’d be fun to try and see how it turns out. Besides, it’s really just the next step in my musical artistry…….aw crap.

Just click on the song “I’m Gonna Save the Word” on the main page…enjoy!