You’ll hear a lot of great musicians extol the virtues of practicing. That’s probably why I’m not a great musician. And this past Wednesday night showed it. I had another live show at Toronto’s Free Times Caf folk club. And it was probably the worst show I’ve done. A big factor was that I just didn’t really put in the practice I should’ve. Then, during sound check, my loop pedal that I was going to use for the first time in a big way on two major songs crapped out. Want the inevitable pun? Fine….: that threw me for a loop.

Right.  So… I had to shuffle the set list on the fly. Plus I had to rush back to my apartment after work to grab my two guitars in hard cases plus a guitar stand… and I hadn’t eaten and it was a hot and humid Toronto day.

So it all added up to a performance I wasn’t quite ready for…not my finest moment. My second song, a new tune that is a nod in Bob Dylan’s way I especially butchered and barely was able to fumble through. But to put a positive spin on things, my two closers I nailed. And I’m of the belief that if you go out on a high note, people tend to forget the rest. So hopefully they did.

Anyway, to anybody who was at the gig, thanks for being there…and remember kids, the lesson of the day is: practice makes perfect…