I always sing the praises of listening to independent music…especially when it comes to the live show. You get tickets for a decent price, and a good likelihood of getting real close to the stage and seeing your favorite artist up close and personal.

And if that wasn’t already good enough I can now add something that can top that…seeing an independent *opening* act. Couple of Sundays ago, I went to see Emma Pollock open for the New Pornographers. She’s the ex-Delgados vocalist and guitarist now supporting her new and stellar solo disc, “Watch the Fireworks“. First of all, she was fantastic. Sounded incredible, was very charming on stage and rocked the rockers and wove the ballads.

Secondly, which is my main point, is I kind of figured she’d hang around a bit after her set since she was opening for the headliner…and sure enough there she was at the merch table, talking with only a couple of people! I did get end up talking to her and even got an autograph and a picture. She was very nice and accomodating and even shined me on by telling me she saw me in the crowd and now I’ll stop before I sound like a 13 year old gushing about the latest no-talent celebrity waif that us older folk just shake our heads at.

Anyway, it’s the first time I’ve actually had a decent conversation with any artist I’m a fan of…it was very cool and I owe it all to the perks of being into indie music! See if you walk up to Justin Timberlake and ask him about his live musical arrangements next time you drop $120 to see him in an echoy cavern of a stadium!

So if you can, check out Emma Pollock. She’s terrific. Check the pictures in the gallery.