I just posted what I think is my best song so far. I’m really proud of this song and with all humility aside, I think it’s a gem. You can tell, because it’s even bumped “The Fair’s in Town Tonight” as my reigning default song.

I started off trying to write a sugary love song but reverted back to my old melancholic self and this song came out. I think the lyrics match the tone well and even though the original intent fell by the wayside, the love theme is still there…just not in a “she loves you yeah yeah yeah” kind of way. It’s more about standing by each other and the quiet moments when you’re together where everything else kind of falls away.

There’s a much more banal inspiration for the song too but I’ll keep it under wraps for now so it doesn’t ruin the mood of the song.

The title is an ode to a Nick Drake song, by the way. “Northern Sky”…some call it the greatest love song ever written. In the meantime, my song is called “Against the Northern Sky” and you can find it on the main page. Enjoy!