A little over a year ago I wrote this in my blog: “Have 3 new songs in the hopper, one was pretty adventurous and I hope to spring it on an unsuspecting audience at my next show, whenever that may be.”

Spring it I did at my last show and I thought I’d post the translation to the song today. That’s right…”translation.” Confused? Forgive my Tarantino-esque non-linear storytelling and allow me to back up. Actually, it’s a short story: I speak French. I wrote a song in French. I performed that song in French. And now I will post the verbatim translation of the lyrics…in English:

My darling when you dance, when you dance
I stop myself because you enchant me
Beautiful darling, my question, is “why? why?”
It’s you eyes that tell me goodbye?

If yesterday, your lips on mine
And I was drunk by the scent of your hair
The heat of our bodies when I hold you
But your eyes…your eyes…your eyes


And if you, if you leave me this time
I won’t have regrets in a way
It’s your eyes that tell me goodbye
And you will always be at the dance.

Beautiful darling my question, is “why? why?”
It’s your eyes that say goodbye
It’s your eyes that say goodbye

p.s. happy belated new year everybody…stay tuned for an exciting new song coming really soon!