A new song has been posted!

One of my most upbeat songs complete with feel-good lyrics and loopable accompaniment for maximum live loop pedal usage!

The song itself was inspired by Rachel Goswell…the bassist and co-singer for Mojave 3…my favorite band. She suffered a pretty major inner ear condition before the release of M3’s last album, preventing her from touring behind the album and robbing her of her ability to do a lot of things including making music. I guess I could have written a “We Are the World”-ish affair just based on that. Thankfully, the world was spared that. What really got the creative juices flowing was a MySpace blog that Mojave 3 put up regarding Rachel’s condition in which, among other very lovely sentiments, they referred to her as “Sister Rachel”. For me, these two simple words just really expressed so much…love, affection, solidarity, support, encouragement. I also found it to have a nice, poetic ring to it so I used it as a song title and lyrical hook and just ran with it, trying to make the lyrics applicable to Sister Rachel Goswell or anyone who knows or has or even is a “Sister Rachel”.

Please have a listen…it’s the first song on the homepage…hope you enjoy…it’s also one of my better homemade production jobs in my opinion.

Wen (next gig coming up soon!)