I realized that I’ve been playing music live for 5 years. I’ve been writing for about 10. Music has always been important to me, but now that I’m something of a seasoned creator and performer of music, I can truly say it’s one of the things that defines me. It’s too bad, then, that when I started performing I didn’t pay much attention to my name. I simply used part of my Chinese name. No, my Chinese name is not Wentunes. It’s Wen. And that’s the name I use when performing. And even though it’s reminiscent of other solo artists like Beck or Jewel or Dido, I’ve never really been that happy with it.

So recently, I decided I’d give myself a more involved stage name. Not that easy if you’re trying to walk that fine line between pretention and coolness. I also didn’t want to give myself a fake moniker. I wanted something like the aka’s of Damon Gough, Matt Hales or Chan Marshall …namely, Badly Drawn Boy, Aqualung and Cat Power.

So after reflecting on it for about a week, I came up with one. I’m not 100% happy with it, but then who am I kidding? Who’s really going to care?

Part two of this blog is regarding how MySpace doesn’t allow you to switch your URL name without starting from scratch and if you’re like me and have a very modest amount of myspace traffic and you have a big ego to fill, you don’t really want to give it up. So I think I’ll probably keep slash wentunes but just splash up my new stage name everywhere on there as possible.

And what stage name will that be you ask?

Come on out to my upcoming show…it’ll be revealed then.