Last Wednesday I played yet another show at the Free Times Café. And what a show it was. The crowd was on fire that night thanks in no small part to a good 10+ lovely young ladies from my workplace that came out to support me. They really took the energy of the crowd to a whole new level and it made the place come alive.

Of course, it made me look like a superstar as well, what with their cheering with every(woo!) move(woo!) I(woo!) made(woo!). Ah, Ego…well fed were you that evening…

But even though a dozen girls cheering for me is always welcome, I have to say, my performance itself was slightly disappointing. I made some key mistakes here and there, my mandolin became horribly out of tune(even after I did the unthinkable and re-tuned it on stage), and the way my loop pedal integrated with the sound system was less than ideal. Still though, I definitely fed off the crowd and I guess it helped my stage presence be distracting enough from the less-than-stellar musicianship seeing as the feedback was pretty positive.

And with all false modesty aside, my two slow, melancholy ballads I nailed…and it was arresting how quiet the room got. I just hope it was from rapt attention and not lethargic boredom…

I look forward to my next show…gonna be tough to top this one but I still have a trick or two up my sleeve…and maybe even a song!

-Blue Blue Satellite