In order to increase the melodrama of a slow, moody song, one can always add a nice, lush orchestra(or in my case, synthesized orchestra).

I blogged about my song “Against the Northern Sky” a while ago. I was always proud that I showed restraint and kept it at its bare essentials by recording just the guitar, vox and a bit of bass. Well, the time for restraint has passed and I decided to remix the song by adding a few more instruments…namely: mandolin, orchestra and 2 violins. I think it turned out good. Sythesized orchestras sound pretty accurate, but they’re used in a lot of Muzak so you have to be careful not to have things slip into bland elevatorland.

So please have a listen on the main page…same title: “Against the Northern Sky”.

If you’re astute, you’ll notice a brand new song at the bottom of the list too. I quickly threw a recording together for new a secret weapon involved in Blue Blue Satellite so consider it a sneak peek of things to come…hopefully…

O, and a happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians.