My latest show was on November 25th. It was a good show because I was very well prepared for it. This time around I actually rented some rehearsal space and actually rehearsed(even though the room smelled of feet…who the hell takes their shoes off to rehearse?!).

Unfortunately, this show was many trials in the making. I was originally supposed to play with a cellist. We got practicing a few times but then she had to withdraw. Then I starting collaborating with another singer but she got laid off from her job just before the show. And even when she soldiered on, she got sick days before we were hitting the stage. And even at the show at the Free Times, I was upset to find out there was no host, so it was pretty much a DIY evening for *everything* from setting up the sound system, to introducing the acts, to passing the jar around. It’s amazing we didn’t have to serve drinks or unclog the toilets… the crowd was a little sparse too.

So this was a good test of the old “Show Must Go On” adage and go on it did and I still had a great show because I felt I was tight, I debuted a handful of new songs and fun covers and the duets I did with my friend Jenn complete with recently added harmony turned out pretty good. And of course the fabulous cheering section of co-workers from my job. The rest of the performers were top notch as well: The Om Tree Folk Collective and Amanda LeBlanc.

This was also the show I decided to make my YouTube debut with. There’s a seperate video for each song but start with Sister Rachel and click around from there:

Blue Blue Satellite