First off, Happy New Year.

Now then. I’ve come to regard New York City as the mecca of modern popular western culture. There just seems to be an aura about New York that beckons people no matter what their interest…be it sport, music, fashion, art etc.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit New York on a number of occasions and after getting all the touristy stuff out of the way on earlier trips, I decided on a recent trip to find an Open Stage down in Greenwich Village(where Bob Dylan and other legendary musicians got their start)�and perform a few songs…thus earning the right to say that I’ve played in NYC.

And earn that right I did…with the help of, I found a cool, un-pretentious little place in the Village called Caff� Vivaldi and performed “Against the Northern Sky” and a more ubscure tune of mine called “La Dance” which is a French song I wrote which I thought would hold people’s attention a bit more, knowing how Open Stage(or Open Mikes as the U.S. term seems to be) audiences tend to be musicians simply waiting for their turn. The audience was very receptive to my tunes…I got a few kind compliments and met�some musicians who invited me to Kenny’s Castaways down the street after Vivaldi’s open mike ended. At Kenny’s the audience was pretty sparse since it was midnight on a Monday so I�decided to give ‘er and played the more upbeat “Sister Rachel” and “Smiling Hoover Catastrophe” again to a good reaction from those who were there.

The New York talent was solid…not as phenomenally heads and shoulders above Toronto’s as�its storied history made me expect, so I felt very comfortable and would recommend these two�venues to anybody who’s looking�to play New York.

No, this blog is not some self-gratifying pat on the back about how I’ve now played in NYC, this is all leading to something: given that I now have played in the area where Bob Dylan once played, I posted a new song…well, actually it’s�an old song I recently recorded but it’s one that’s as Dylan-esque as I’m going to get since I’m just a casual Dylan fan. So check it out…it’s called “I Can Tell” and it’s on�my myspace homepage.

Blue Blue Satellite
(have I mentioned I’ve played in New York City?)