Two Sundays ago I played a show that was not at the Free Times Caf. Take a moment to wipe up your spit takes. I played the Cadillac Lounge in Parkdale as part of the monthly Songwriter’s Expo( It was a very good show. Probably my best all-around show. My performance was tight, the crowd was kind and the sound was handled very well and professionally. It was a quick 30 minute set so it was hard to pick songs especially since I was debuting 3 new songs(I wanted to do 4) and I had planned to do a huge crowd pleasing cover(which I cut as well).

Still though, I guess it’s a good sign that I’ve got a big enough repertoire that creating a set list is not a trivial task. Or perhaps it means my live shows are not evolving as quickly as my songwriting ability. In fact, I’m sure that’s it.

Anyway, Kirk Hammet from Metallica once said “To imitate is to create, you have to start somewhere.” And ain’t that the truth for Blue Blue Satellite. I have to admit that few of my songs are 100% original. There’s always some little hook or maybe a melody, sometimes more sometimes less that’s borrowed or at least inspired by another song. So for fun, here’s the setlist from my Mar 22nd show along with the source(whether on purpose or not) of its inspiration.

Smiling Hoover Catastrophe – Dear Catastrophe Waitress (Belle and Sebastian)

Oh Arizona – this may actually be a full original!

Sister Rachel – Some Kinda Angel (Mojave 3)

Photographs and Wine – You Were Meant for Me (Jewel)

The Scientist II – The Scientist (Coldplay)

Tornado Heads – Lord Don’t Slow Me Down (Oasis)

Blue Blue Satellite