I’ve never been a lyrics guy. When I listen to music I automatically focus in on the music, the instrumentation and the general mood of the song. It won’t be till quite a while later that I realize what the song is about. That’s why I’m always surprised at shows when people chuckle at humorous lyrics…I’m always thinking “People are actually listening to lyrics? What did I just miss?” (unless of course, if it’s one of my own shows in which case I’ll usually think “what the? that lyric wasn’t meant to be funny…”)

Paradoxically however, I find that when I write, I do pay attention to lyrics and I try to write as original lyrics as possible. That means not rhyming “world” with “girl”, “sad” with “glad”, “me” with “be”, any -ane word with “insane” and other such pedestrian rhymes. That’s where hip hop can be amazing…they rhyme things I can only wish I had come up with. Like Nas rhyming “CBS” with “See B.S.” or Black Thought rhyming “Young LL” with “hard as hell” with “Gargamel” with “Patti LaBelle” with “madamoiselle”…brilliant.

The point is, I’ve posted my latest song called “The Learning Days” and it’s got my favorite lyric I’ve written thus far:

If memories were able to burn / Would I be a coward with fire or a man with a lesson to learn?

Other favorite lyrics/rhymes I’ve written:
Trouble’s a million miles away / Or is that just my naivete
The cause of this inconsistency / is my attention deficiency
It’s so automatic / life and mathematics

Enjoy the new song…it’s front and centre on my homepage.

Blue Blue Satellite