Coldplay has “Life in Technicolor”, Oasis has “Fuckin’ in the Bushes”…

Instrumental songs to which they enter their concerts…ok, and I’m not sure if Coldplay does but Oasis definitely does.

A few times now, I’ve experimented with different entrances to my shows. Once, I entered from the back of the room playing a song on the mandolin while walking through the crowd(inspired by Travis’ and Guillemots’ live entrances), once I had a sample from a movie play that I thought was apt(inspired by a lot of White Zombie songs) and most recently, I wrote a short instrumental song and used it, not so much as an entrance, but as something to kick off my set and set the stage. Check ‘er out on YouTube:

Once day when I have a bit more money(like, millions more), I’ll enter from an elevator-like platform within the stage to much fog and strobe lights. Kinda like this: (R.I.P.)

Thought #2

I used to dislike it when artists would take a song that’s special to you and then really change it live. I remember I saw a live version of “Who Will Save Your Soul” by Jewel once. She took a cool, rootsy folk song that I quite enjoyed and turned it into this pseudo-jazz version which I was so not feeling.

Anyway, being the hypocrite that I am, I’ve been doing this lately with one of my more popular songs: Sister Rachel.

For the record, I now have 4 versions of this song:

1. The “album” version (see this Myspace page)
2. The original live version (
3. The slowed down, tuned down, lazy version (
4. The mandolin version (

I apologize to anybody who has come to a show hoping to hear the version they know and love only to have me mess around with it live…

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