Way before I started doing the singer/songwriter thing, I was a drummer. Scratch that, I *wanted* to be a drummer. I’d sit on the edge of my bed and air drum. I didn’t just flail my arms around aimlessly, somewhere along the line I actually picked up the mechanics of the drum kit and I’d actually air drum accurately to a song. I have a memory of being 11 or 12 years old and of having memorized perfectly the drum part to INXS’ “New Sensation”. Till this day I still remember some of the fills in the song.

Long story short, I had my first opportunity to drum with a band. I subbed in for my friend’s after-work band. All original songs I’d never heard before, all new musicians I’d never met before.

And I almost choked… Choked at how friggin’ awesome I was!

Somehow, years of air drumming and paying close attention to drum parts and styles and techniques in songs actually translated to the real thing. I can’t explain it…mostly because if I try to, I’d end up claiming I’m some kind of drum savant or that drumming is extremely easy. Two assertions I’m not willing to make.

I used to be a bit sheepish about admitting I spent many an hour air drumming but not only do I feel vindicated now that I know I can hold my own in a band but also this:


Blue Blue Satellite