A couple of weekends ago I played my first benefit. It was for METRAC, a local organization which raises awareness of violence against women and children(metrac.org).

It was a very fun evening with 20 or so acts going on in a span of 4 hours. Pretty epic but if you think about it, it’s essentially just a by-invite-only Open Stage. But hey, Blue Blue Satellite got an invite, so who am I to judge? It may have been a rapid-fire 10 minute set but it was a great cause.

I was lucky enough to have had a very stable and happy childhood so the thought that there are women and children in my city who are victims of violence or who live in fear thereof, during this time of year especially, is sickening. I hope the money we raised that night does some good.

Regarding the show, I did two songs…tried to keep the mood light, so I did a Christmas song and an upbeat song(covered Sara Melson’s “The Holidaze” and did my own “Photographs and Wine”). I guess it’s a good thing that we only had 10 minutes…any more and I would have run out of happy songs to sing. And if there’s any truth to the “know thy audience” adage, well, a Sunday holiday crowd full of children was no time to be playing my moody, melancholy shoegaze tunes like “The Fair’s in Town Tonight” or “Against the Northern Sky”.

So thanks Monique Barry(organizer), Cadillac Lounge and METRAC for a good time!

Blue Blue Satellite