Popular music is a funny thing. If the idea of being in the right place at the right time was ever apt, it most certainly is for pop musicians.

By contrast, look at sports. No rec league athlete will ever claim to be able to hang with the pros. And if they can, you can bet that they’ll be plucked from obscurity pretty damn fast.

Now back to popular music. I’ve had the pleasure to play on the same bill as and watch some very talented local musicians. Key word being “local”. They aren’t known outside of their own little circle of friends, family and modest fanbase. And probably never will be. Yet if I were to hear their songs on the radio in a set of other, “established” artists, I wouldn’t bat an ear, if indeed an ear could be bat.

Now, I’ve written some good songs. Well hell, I’ve written some great songs! I honestly believe that my songs such as “Sister Rachel”, “Against the Northern Sky”, “The Learning Days” to name a few are all songs that would feel at home in a set of say, Coldplay, Damian Rice or Feist songs. Certainly Jack Johnson or John Mayer. Hell, I’m feeling ballsy…I’d even put those songs up against U2 or Tom Petty.

Delusional? Nope. Bitter? Uh-uh. Blinded by my sad inability to have my music heard by more than 10 people? Hell no. A little cocky swagger never hurt anybody. Just ask Oasis. But at the end of the day, John Q. Softballer will never hit like Barry Bonds. But can “Against the Northern Sky” give, say,  “Hallelujah” a run for its money? I most certainly think it could…

Blue Blue Satellite