I debuted my two of my newest songs live at an open stage the other night. It’s been awhile since I’ve played live and it was a good feeling to “be back” of sorts. I was at Supermarket in Kensington and this seems like a pretty high profile open stage. By which I mean it’s very much a showcase of people who want to show off. Me included.

It helps that there’s a full band setup on stage so there’s a wide range of musical styles represented. Which is a good opportunity for me to sit back and silently pass judgement on the acts. Yes, I’m that shallow and competitive. But not delusional though and I’ll readily admit that many of the acts schooled me. But mostly because they played a style of music that is very condusive to large, late night drinking crowds who really aren’t there to see you. So up-tempo full-band blues and rock jams always got a good response from the crowd. Singer/songwriters not so much.

But I was comforted in the fact that very few people are doing what I’m doing, which is moody folk songs using a finger picking guitar style. In *my* mind, that says that Blue Blue Satellite is unique. Realistically however, that says that nobody is interested in Blue Blue Satellite’s music. Whatever, while I’m still independent and “undiscovered” I’ll stay true to myself…which is a good thing because I’ll therefore probably be true to myself for a long time to come…

Blue Blue Satellite