I started my web presence on MySpace back in 2005. MySpace has always been good to me. Thank you MySpace. You gave me a means by which I can have my modest artist page and have my tunes streaming front and centre, showing off to the world how few people listen to my songs.

But the time has come to turn the (web)page.  The only active thing left on the MySpace account was my blog which, bafflingly, got almost 3x the traffic that my songs had. The blog has been fun and will continue, but will continue here at WordPress. I’m sorry MySpace, your relevance is waning. Even your testament of how few people listen to me has been usurped …that job now goes to my YouTube channel.

BLUE BLUE SATELLITE MYSPACE BLOG READERS: Thank you for reading. I can’t believe you do, but the numbers don’t lie…so thank you. But the fun isn’t about to let up…welcome to the WordPress blog…please continue reading right here, right now.

Blue Blue Satellite