When it comes to my vocals, I’ve always been the first to admit that it can use work. “Work” is an understatement, it needs slave labour. I’m not  arrogant enough to reject vocal lessons, but until I actually take some, I cover up my weak singing with what I am only too arrogant to claim: great songwriting. But there is another way….

And that way is to add a vocal harmony of a voice that’s better than yours. If you are not familiar with the concept of harmony, it’s essentially the bread and butter of Simon & Garfunkel. Actually, it’s the “bread” of Simon & Garfunkel. The “butter” would probably be, you guessed it, songwriting. So add all that up; great singers, great harmonies, great songwriting equals legendary folk duo. Which is why they’re Simon & Garfunkel and I’m blogging about Simon & Garfunkel.

Anyway, I finally wrote a song that features a prominent vocal harmony by a close friend of mine. She was definitely one of the milestones in the early evolution of Blue Blue Satellite so I’m happy we were able to record this together and have it for the archives. I think our voices blend well and sure enough her quality voice redirects attention from my inferior one. The song is called “The Storyteller” and you can hear it in its entirety here:

http://www.bluebluesatellite.com/tunes/The Storyteller.mp3

Blue Blue Satellite