Thanks for reading this little series of posts. This the final installment. Maybe we can do it again sometime!  This last version of Wrestle With Giants adds the final and most important two elements: the lyrics and melody. This song was originally written as a bit of an empathetic shoulder for those going through hard times. Seems extra apt given the grim news coming out of the U.S. this weekend. But then again, when is the news not grim? So maybe in a small small small small way, this song is my way of fighting back against the onslaught of tragedies.

Blue Blue Satellite

Dear Life, we’ve gotta talk,
or maybe scream and shout through the pain, the tears, the shock.

Of all you’ve done, to derail my plans,
dear Life please understand.

If not today then tell me when,
and if not when I guess I’ll start from ten,
and count it down like I do always,
and when I get to one I’ll open my eyes and hope for better days.

Sometimes the waves come a-crashin’,
sometimes we push against walls.
Sometimes we wrestle with giants
who refuse to fall.

But the battle scars on my body
are the lessons that life have taught me.

Dear Life, deal with me softly.

Dear Life, how I beg and plead
for the things in life I want till it becomes a need

To have it soon, to have it now
dear Life I don’t care how.


Dear Me, this is Life,
you’ve got a lifetime worth of lessons you could live it twice.

Sometimes it’ll hurt
and make you hear voices,

It’s not the choices that you make but what you make with those choices.